Problem with two socks on two circs is that you carry around a lot more yarn than just one sock. I’ll probably do the second blue sock alone and then finish the lavendersheep sock and then have a second lavendersheep and another sock on so i’m always on the second of a pair so i will finish a pair at each go. We’ll see. I really want another pair of socks.. :)

Also, dork that is me realized she has cables next to stockinette on the gusset and foot. d’oh! no wonder why they look weird. no way am I frogging so I hope it’ll block not too weirdly. [did i just say i’d block something?]

Ken Burns (love, hate, or tolerate him) will have a new documentary out in September. I heard about it on Fresh Air.. “The War” about WWII. The Fresh Air interview was fascinating this morning (and kept me from falling asleep on the subway. yes, i am just that weird).

I’m not good on most girl stuff (blowdrying hair (mine or fake), makeup, nailpolish, etc).. but here’s the problem. I can scrub my nails clean and walk from the bathroom to my computer 5 feet away and I kid you not I wlil end up with dirt under my nails. In an office environment that just looks yucky. So I paint them. But generally I peel nail polish clear off. I knew I couldn’t be the only person with this problem. There is a base coat called “sticky” which well, is just that! I have had the polish on since Friday afternoon and there are no bubbles and it looks normal (and adult). weird. I wish I had done a nicer job had I known it would last. I feel weird and unsure if I should use my thumb as a screwdriver (i did and the polish is no worse for the wear).

regarding (tomorrow) thursday’s represent event. I hope to be there. I’ll probably be half asleep. I’ll have my grey backpack and PG. That’s about all I can guarantee at the moment. Do not feed me caffeine. A snapple iced tea is as strong as i’ve had since I gave it up last week? two weeks ago. ;)

otherwise. it’s 11pm. I got home 20 minutes ago. I left at 5:45 this morning.. I’m tired. I’m going to hem something and then collapse into bed. Not sure what tomorrow’s post will be. We’ll see. Do I regret the informality and poor writing quality of this post? YES. Will I post it as reminder to be professional and edit? Yes. Will I regret it later? Dear me I hope it doesn’t come back to fully bite me.

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  1. Block? What block? ;D

    Ken Burns! I’ve been waiting for his latest ever since I heard about it.

    You’re a better girl than me if you manage to paint your nails at all. Is that any comfort? What colour, btw?

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