random #2 (potentially qualifies as tool)

Ok. Here’s a factoid about me. I cannot for the life of me remember what I wore the day before. I therefore write in my planner what I wore that day (today, white turtleneck uhm.. grey bottom?[i took it off already, see how soon I forget?] and black cardigan). This was especially useful when I would go to an office one day a week. I don’t really think people would notice but it bothered me enough..

Anyway, instead of going to sleep I was finishing some work and doing some sewing and reading blogs instead of really doing the other few things I should be doing and I came across this. I’ve been looking for a little stamp I could stamp and then colour in, but this looks pretty darn cool. The whole site is. I delicious’d it a while ago (04 nov 2005), but as most things I delicioused, I haven’t necessarily remembered to visit again. ;)

Thanks Dave!