books: design, creativity, knitting, and social history

In the past week, I’ve completed the following books:

* Balanced Website Design: Optimising Aesthetics, Usability and Purpose by Dave Lawrence
Bleah. Not what I thought it was. Basically it’s a “how to design” step-by-step guide for a first year undergrad course. I thought it was actually going to talk usability.

* Studies on the Haggadah: From the Teachings of Nechama Leibowitz by Rabbi Reiner Yitshak
Beautiful as I expected. I didn’t spend as much time with it as I would have liked. Each year I take a small bit of the haggadah and attempt to learn more and understand. Often it is a phrase b’ivrit which I wish to understand a little more. Recent topics were “Dor v’dor” (generation to generation) and mitzrayim (Egypt). I think this is the year of the four sons, perhaps not all four, but they need to be contrasted so it will probably be the whole lot of ’em.

* Mary Thomas

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  1. OMG, I just bought FA in Moss too, and I am in total love with it! I have plans for mine, too, involving socks and a lovely stitch pattern. The greens are just perfect.

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