knit: bits and pieces

I seem to misplace everything this past week. If you seem mum’s swallowtail, please tell it I’d like to give it some TLC.

Ok. I found a pair of US3’s to compare to US4’s.. but the pic is of Bryspun’s (US3) compared to Skacel Lace (mm) needles. Here is current seraphim progress. I think it’s a no brainer to go with the 3’s and figure out how big or small this shawl will be. I found the other ball of this yarn (ooh all Skacel) and we’ll see what happens.

US 4’s · US 3’s · needle tip compare

[photopress:seraphim18marus4.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:seraphim18marbryus3.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:bryspun3skacel4.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

I’m almost finished with the “commissioned” lace beanie. There are a few errors in it, but I don’t think she’ll notice. Or at least I hope not. I hope I finish it before tomorrow.. I’ve spent a full work-day for clients today (and laundry and taxes) so I think I deserve an hour or two for knitting tonight.

All other projects are slowly progressing.

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  1. OMG! There must be an International lace shawl WIP thief! Both you and I are missing the shawls for our Mums and Emmos’ Snowdrop Shawl has disappeared, too! There must be a culprit, right? And, you’re right, I need to send you a pic of “that-” (horrid) “Judaica thing” that is slowly devouring my soul. I’ll try and take a pic this week.

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