random, late edition: no caffeine here!

Yeah, I’ve not had more than a can of coke a day in several weeks. My joints surprisingly haven’t complained too badly. We’ll see.

So yesterday I picked up the new Skacel lace needles, 3.5mm 36". I love how light they are and the cord is AWESOME! They are pretty pointy but I haven’t had to fully test that yet.

Why is this important? I’ve had a hank of Skacel merino lace in Teal waiting for me to give it some lovin’ since MDSWF ’06. I had hand wound a bit of it. Tonight I balled the rest and seem unable to find the hand wound ball. I know it’s here somewhere. I’ve been reorganizing the stash so it’ll come up. Anyway, I have 71 grams left. I estimate this to be around 976 yards.

Today I bought Miriam’s Seraphim pattern. I love it!!

Anyway, do we see the potential issue here? Do we think I’ll have a decent looking Seraphim by using a lighter weight yarn (lace as opposed fingering) and 3.5mm as opposed to 3.75mm needles? Should I go down another needle size? Remember I’m little, so I don’t mind a smaller shawl. I’ll knit a bit more and take a photo dry "blocked" and ask that way. I have no clue.

My hat received TONS of compliments today. Many didn’t believe I knit it, mostly because that Firm hasn’t really seen me enough before the past few weeks to see me knit in public. I actually may have received a commission to knit a hat! I sent her to the berroco site and asked her to choose a colour or two. We’ll see. We’ll see. I love this pattern and I like how the style looks on me.

And I have plans to make it better.

I had taken Mary Thomas’ Book of Knitting Patterns out from the library and when I realized I had to refrain from marking almost every page, I decided I could indeed afford the $11.95 (plus tax) and purchase the book, so tonight after a long day (wonderful day, no really, it rocked. life will be very much better shortly. especially if I finished some things instead of writing this..) I got my butt up to the UES to Borders and picked it up. YUCK on Borders! Their books (especially “crafts”) are in horrid condition. I almost reshelved the entire section because I was being driven crazy. We all know I’m a closet librarian. Anyway, I finally decided that they weren’t paying me so I should get my butt outta there. I met up with E and we went to dinner. Out to dinner. At a place we hadn’t eaten at in years. They raised the prices considerably. His burger was $15, my pasta with salmon and roasted red pepper and eggplant pasta was $20. Ouch. And they don’t take plastic. Luckily we both stash cash. I guess we have hit our eat-out quota for the next few months. E was happy to have meat though.. I think mine was good. I was quite hungry and didn’t really care too much …

Anyway, I see I probably do either need more sleep or some stimulant. I digressed but meant to say I have Ms Thomas’ book and will use it to help me improve the hat pattern. I love her little doodles and I love the descriptions and explanations of WHY stitches do what they do. I think this is a book which should be in every knitter’s library. Heck, it’s cheap enough!

There was another thing I was going to say but I’ve forgotten. Stay tuned for more PSG randomness! PG keeps asking to go to Knitty City. Perhaps I’ll take her tomorrow between office and a meeting on campus.

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  1. Sometimes I forget that the rest of the US (except Wyoming) has sales tax…

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I have the new and improved entrelac shawl and a scarf pattern up on my website.

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