random, early edition: zoom zoom

From humble beginnings, which I neglected to photograph, this project started life as a ball of Love It (color 3228 — Brownstone).

Very quickly it found a pattern and started growing…


And found that it had it’s own ball carrier which made me quite happy.


We won’t talk about the stupid use of 5" dpn’s until I started the lace pattern and then ran out at lunch today to an evil yarn store* to pick up whatever the smallest 5mm circs I could find were or longer dpns. I ended up with 16" bamboo dpn’s (not clover, but still Japanese). I ended up at Purl after work to get the bad taste out of my mouth. They have Skacel Lace Needles! (I hope to have already bought Miriam’s pattern by the time this goes live)

Anyway, I finished up the lace beanie at about 8:30p Tuesday night making this a VERY fast knit. Considering I [photopress:beanie1.done.jpg,thumb,alignright]started it MONDAY when I got home from work at 7p!! On Thursday when and if I get to Knitty City before my meeting (gah! I’ll have to miss sock club, AGAIN) I will try to pick up a navy and black (er sorry, sailor and beatnik) and probably another brown. I like this beanie and I have some ideas for modification to make it even more happy for me. It’s amazing how fast 5mm needles knit something up compared to needles half that or smaller. Right, so why did I knit it? I owned two hats until two weeks ago.. a black and a grey thick felted hat. I bought a $5 thing which is just slightly better than a ball cap for work. I think this is a huge improvement. No, I would never wear it to court (I guess I would put a shaitel back on in that scenario) but for the majority of my meetings these days, a nice hat will work fine. And yes, I am looking into buying some of the yarn the pattern actually called for (taupe and charcoal are calling to me, actually almost every single colour for both yarn lines are).

*I will have a P(S)G review of NYC yarn shops one of these days.

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  1. The hat looks awesome. I couldn’t get to the lions link you sent me. I seem to be having trouble with their site loading lately.

  2. I have to say that I like your version MUCH better than Lion’s. Ver’ cool!

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