read: knitting and trains

Or knitting on trains? I like this “lots of commuting thing” .. I might make my goal of finishing the gussets this week. Especially since I knit during a meeting today. :)

Oh right, reading…

First up are the knitting books. I read a whole bunch this week. Some were nice but not what I needed and one, well, one I’m going to buy multiple copies of, at least one to teach with and one to give mum. (Who definitely needs the stress reliever today).

Hats On! by Charlene Schurch.
I really enjoyed this small book and wish I wanted to do wintery knitting. I picked up two hat books with the hope of finding something I could knit for myself to wear that wasn’t wool and wasn’t quite warm when the weather topped 40°. I recommend this book I like the layout, the photos, and will add it to the “list of books I’d like in my library”.

45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit by Anna Zilboorg, is just not my cup of tea. It’s not her fault, I’m sure her hats are quite nice, but I’m a plain and simple kinda gal.

(btw yes I am aware that the date stamps are screwed up on the single-library pages. I’ll work on it soon…)

Ok, this one knocked my socks off and I recommend you go look at it. Big print (hey, that should make anyone happy), clear, beautiful, meaningful, and demonstrative photographs (though I wish there was an ssk in there, if there is an I missed it. oops.) Oh right, book title.. Never Too Old to Knit: Beautiful Basics for Baby Boomers which was edited by Karin Strom. I liked the designs and the fact that there is a mini stitch dictionary also squeezed into the humble 176 pages. Oh and the hard cover with coil binding? brilliant. Thank you.

Speaking of editors and knitting, I can’t wait to Wednesday to post this. Mazel tov to the wonderful Eunny who is the new editor of IK!! (please go laugh at my comment calling IK IWK b/c I was just copying and pasting a comment above). What amazes me even more is Eunny replied to my comment! (dude, there are some 5 zillion comments posted as of my writing this) Eunny, you amaze and inspire me and I can’t wait to see what you do with IK! I look forward to it! :)

“Other” book reading. I didn’t expect to like this one. I’m not a big Agatha Christie fan and I really took the book out because one of the LC Headings is “RailRoad Travel” … The 8:55 to Baghdad: From London to Iraq on the Trail of Agatha Christie and the Orient Express by Andrew Eames was an absolute delight. I

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  1. I have Hats On! on my Amazon list, but I haven’t seen it in person yet. It’s just there to remind me to check it out sometime because it does look really cool.

  2. Isn’t Eunny just the best choice for IK editor? I’m excited to see what she does.

    And I, being a fan of history and of Agatha Christie, am going to put that Eames book on my list. It looks very cozy.

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