please keep them in your thoughts…

Mum’s partner A spent the night in the ER. We’re not sure at the moment what it is doing (he has diabetes and had a stroke 5½ years ago). They had a long road trip this past weekend and I’m hoping it is just exhaustion from that.
update 10:30a — he’s been up and out of bed this morning but as of now they are keeping him in the hospital. No word on why his speech was slurred and he felt so badly last night. Mum sounds much relieved (as am I). [A is not and will never be my ‘father’ but he’s been very good to me and i care deeply about him despite a very rough (I was 13) beginning].
update 2:40pm — they will keep him for observation another night. too much trip and not enough food it seems.

Also please keep N (a new mum) and her baby boy in your thoughts..
update 2:40pm — from what I’ve heard they are both well.

And everyone else too…

Thank you.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that things are looking better for A. You and your family — in all its permutations — are in my thoughts today.

    Peace and deep breathing.

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