knit: a bit, some progress and pictures, thoughts on light, and reading

I’ve done some knitting this week.. not as much as I wish, but enough to attempt to keep me sane. I started a project which should have been started eons ago and I finally turned the heel of a sock (the second one is waiting for me to untangle the mess I’ve made). I’m slowly trying to take better photographs. I know it’s a PBCAB (problem between camera and button, aka ME) not the camera. Look at Kristin Nicholas’ beautiful photographs. She has the 3G version of my camera (I have the first gen), but from my understanding there is a lot the same. E’s photos with my camera come out good.

The biggest issue I have when taking photographs is adequate lighting. Lighting in most NYC apartments is dismal at best. E did a nice job added some nicer lighting here but there is still much to be desired. I’ve been learning about lightboxes and how to make your own, and one day (maybe soon) I will.

So, what have I photographed today in my makeshift attempt to have better lighting? Please ignore the spots on the towel. I’ll be looking for something less dirty next time.

First up:
[photopress:Blu_peninah_11mar.jpg,thumb,alignleft] the socks are making slow but ample progress. Sara has a great tutorial on two socks on two circs which I totally disregarded when I turned the first heel. I’m happy to know that my knots and twists are due to the fact that I consistently shove the thing in my bag and run off to transfer trains or what not. I ran the stitch pattern all the way down the heel because I think it looks weird when stopped for the flap. I am not sure how well the cables will hold up but we’ll live and learn. I have some clogs which will help in that. I’m a bit worried that I’m not doing the flaps long enough but we’ll find out soon. Hopefully. My goal is to finish both gussets by the end of the week.

[photopress:burp11mar.jpg,thumb,alignright] N gave birth to a baby boy Friday afternoon, a nice 5lbs 1oz. I am putting good wishes in this baby knitting (and all my knitting) for mommy and baby to remain healthy. I have another set of twins coming up, a set still to knit for and some other gifts for little ones who are no longer considered babies. *SIGH* I should probably just cast on for wedding gifts at this point and call it a day. I’ve been eying other patterns to use which are quick and slightly different which will be appreciated and are easy to care for. I’m sorry, I just cannot justify a cashmere sweater for an infant, I’m having a difficult enough time justifying one for me! I’m liking curly purly’s soakers (go to patterns, then click on the PDF). What is most desired by mums and dads besides sleep and health?

I’ve not been completely honest with you. I’ve been buying yarn on the sly from Lavender Sheep. Here we have a ball of Purple Blackberry (two pictures worth, one with the flash and one without. I can’t capture the beauty of this yarn. It will be quite hard to give up as a gift) and a picture of the nylon ribbon, Jungle Love. The Jungle Love came out a bit brighter than I expected so it won’t be used for its original purpose but I have another great idea which I hope will be loved when completed.

Lastly, I finally cast on for J & V’s wedding afghan. I’ve changed [photopress:VJ_11mar.jpg,thumb,alignright]how I’m knitting it so it will be slightly more portable (this is also known as returning to my original plan). I’m going to knit several squares and then (groan) seam them up together. I’m not terribly concerned with tension, I just want the biggest blanket I can get out of the yarn I have. I’m casting on 37 stitches of Bernat Country Wool (color BarnBoard) on 8mm needles (yes, I am knitting on straights) and we’ll see how far one ball and this current stitch pattern get me (a zig-only of the zig-zag square from 100 More Afghan Squares to Knit by Debbie Abrahams). Once that is fact is obtained I’ll see what size blanket I’ll get. I’m sad that I won’t be knitting this huge basket weave blanket but I see these smaller squares as more obtainable and possible to knit. I have another ball and a second set of needles at the office. The needles are LionBrand 10" scarf needles which were picked up at the discount store the other day. They have a huge allotment of fun fur, midnight mohair, and other "novelty" yarns… and these "scarf needles". Oh and that is the 15" powerbook (Tapuach) for scale. using a similar yarn and smaller needles the squares are to be 26cm squared. I think this plan works better. I just worry I wont have enough yarn! Goal is 9 squares (3×3) and then we’ll add on from there. I won’t talk about my ideal world because I’ll run out of yarn short of the 9 squares then!

I am happy I am not the only one who knits and reads. I was trying to figure out how to do so at the office (since I’m working there much more these days as opposed to working from home and being able to sprawl on the couch when I wanted to) when I came across Wendy’s post on how to keep the book open. :) Thank you! Someone at the Firm asked me how I knit and walk at the same time.. well, I can’t do it with lace, but most sock patterns and definitely any washcloth/bib/burp cloths it’s quite possible. I can’t explain why or how really. But what is odd is I cannot knit in the dark. Even if I’m not looking at what I’m doing I need light. ::shrugs::

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and if you made it through this wacky, long, full of horrid photos post, thank you!

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