food: nongebrokts glee

Pesach is coming. There is one part of this time I look forward to, store shelves are overflowing with gluten-free goodies. You see, there is a minhag (custom) called non-gebrokts which means that those who hold by this custom do not mix matzoh meal with water during the 8 day period of pesach.

My family holds by this and I think I’m the only happy one!

So what does one eat? In general, I eat a good deal more fruit and cheese. One can find “pasta” and “cake”, lots of potato and potato starch is used. You need to be careful cooking it and eat it with an open mind. E refuses the pastas. *sigh*

Tonight I was in the large chain supermarket and wandered through their pesach section to see what new products were out… I discovered ‘griddle mix’ and picked it up along with some of my favourite cake mixes (before they sell out). I’ll let you know next week if it the pancakes were worth it.