tools: excel tips & and read comics for a friend..

[English does not seem to be my strong point today. I’ll post this as is as a reminder to myself not to drink coffee at 6pm and expect to fall asleep before 1:30.. Oh and to also make sure I try to mentally close things out before I get into bed..]

A while ago I taught my friend K about my favorite feature in excel (text-to-columns). I eventually drafted some documentation in this post.

It came up in class the other night (how to get stuff outta a bloomberg terminal when you can’t download and a screen shot isn’t what you want). Anyway, on the way home my classmate V asked me how to use keyboard to edit a cell in excel. I am keyboard queen … or so I thought. I knew that I always wanted to directly edit cells in excel without the mouse, but really I haven’t used excel much for data manipulation much anymore. Most of my data needs are done database side and excel is just a temporary holding place for them. He had a bit more time to search for the answer and found out that pressing F2 will let you edit that cell. I brought it up in the other class and shocked a few people that I didn’t know the answer. It bothered me and I’d look it up when it annoyed me enough. Anyway, Way to go V! Thank you! I promise I’ll work on your wedding afghan soon! (It’s due in September.)

I knew there was something I forgot to post yesterday.. Eve is looking for help with a comic reading study for her thesis work. Go help her out please! You don’t have to be a knitter or female.. actually it would help if you aren’t! :)

And happy Birthday Miss Sue. I’m sorry I’m such a horrible friend. {hugs}