Let’s see.. today is all about randomness … probably a bunch on books and knitting knowing me. ;)

I’m about to start the heel flaps on the socks. I think. I need to try mine on and see how long it really is. I’m going to do my heel a la cablenet and have the mock cables go down the flap. :) Hopefully.

I love the wonderful March weather we are having.

Yesterday I picked up Never Too Old to Knit: Beautiful Basics for Baby Boomers by Karin Strom .. initially looking for something to knit my mum. Uhm.. mom? I know a book I will be buying you and for me. It is a beautiful book. More on it next week.

I updated my Now Reading plugin and will continue to tweak things. I hope you like the changes. :)

My friend V found the answer to editing Excel we’ve (at least he and I) have been looking for. Stay tuned for tomorrow!