random knit: Dear E…

Dear E, my husband, my love…

If you are good and look the other way of some sock yarn (from knitty city) and kitchen cotton that followed me home (totally justified).. or of some beautiful yarn Yvonne dyed for me …

I will knit you these. I will!

But you have to get in line. We’ll have a matched pair. :)


I’m excited with many items in most recent issues of knitty and magknits.

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2 Replies to “random knit: Dear E…”

  1. Well,if he wants the socks, he’ll have to look the other way from the yarn, anyway, right? good plan ;D

  2. Blair took one look at those socks last night and said that he wanted a pair. Then ist just reminded him of his skull socks. So not good.

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