knit: like molasses, one obsession resolved, a word on email

Woah, I’m knitting slow these days. I want to finish a ton of stuff on the needles and make progress on other things but I’ve been busy and all I’ve wanted to knit is garter. So I did.

N (coworker) received a nice key lime bib on Friday morning. [photopress:Mwithkeylimebib.jpg,thumb,alignright]Here is my M modeling it the night before. Before I finished weaving in all the ends. Why were there so many ends? I had rewound this ball of cotton and it decided to tangle itself and I was mad so I tore and picked up the end whenever and wherever struck my fancy. It bit me back with the weaving in bit. There is another garter with slipped stitch rib on the needles. I’m going to leave off after binding off all but the final few stitches and can then later determine if it is to be a bib or a washcloth. :) Sometimes my brilliance surprises even me. Ok, so specifics? Sugar N Cream Key Lime Pie. Needles were size US 7, 4.5mm 7" Coats & Clark (Red Heart) Single Point Knitting Needles 7″. I love these needles. Dates.. I cast on Monday afternoon and handed it to N on Friday morning around 11. I dragged my feet a little with the finishing.

I haven’t knit anything else this past week. I need to finish two small cat toys [photopress:cattoy04mar.jpg,thumb,alignleft]for the wonderful ebay seller H. They are random knits (or possibly crochets .. I’ve only done one thus far) in leftover bits of cotton stuffed with old stockings, fibre fill and catnip (the best part). I finally have my leather [photopress:bagobsession.jpg,thumb,alignright]bottom LL Bean Book Bag. It’s in a nice grey-green and arrived to me in beautiful condition (even if the USPS didn’t treat the package so nice). I conditioned the leather already to hopefully keep it in pretty and nice condition. I was going to put the two bags side by side to photograph, but E put my shoulder bag away for me and I just don’t want to pull it down. Anyway, THIS is what I’ve been obsessed about since about 1992. If you went to my jr high or high school you are probably either shaking your head that I’m pathetic or are shaking your head that I’m pathetic. Leave me alone. I’m happy. My neck and shoulders are quite excited to have some balance.

Lastly, if you have emailed me recently for any reason, to any of my email accounts.. I’m terribly far behind on either reading or responding. I also have a super aggressive spam filter for all but my gmail account and it thinks everyone is spam.

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  1. Email me- i don’t have your current email, and it’s hard to tell you the new office. Actually, i don’t have almost any of your contact info anymore…

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