food: hamentashen & brussel sprouts

ooh, what a wonderful combination. ;)

I don’t bake my own hamentashen. I tried once or twice on my own and let’s just say it was not a good experience. My MIL taught me this great easy way to bake my own. I forgot to pick up the necessities this year and just bought a box from the bakery. *sigh*

gluten free by the bay appears to have come up with a wonderful gluten free, sugar free* recipe. (* = no cane or refined sugars). It looks awesome and I’ll have to try it.

fyberduck has also recently shared her recipe for chocolate filled challah. it looks yummy!

Monday I picked up a bag of baby brussel sprouts. The green called to me like a siren, fresh and bright and happy looking (unlike the dreary day outside). They sat all week and I’ve been anxious that they’ll spoil. In the oven are by the bay’s lemon dijon roasted brussel sprouts. The recipe looks yummy and the spoon I licked was marvelous. update: YUM!! They are all gone!