tool: lowering stress

The next few weeks will be pretty high stress for me (as if the past few haven’t been, and that doesn’t even factor in pesach). How do I not let the stress get to me as much as it used to?

1) For the most part work stays at work. This is hard because I have a hard time with it (oh, and I work from HOME much of the time) and I just reactivated my ‘crackberry’ this evening (it is tied to Firm things but I can access my accounts if necessary). It does mean I no longer have to schlep a laptop around. :) berries are much lighter than 12" ibooks.

2) I knit and crochet. (d’uh) [update: washrag was converted to bib after discussion at the office. It was finished and button purchased on the ride home. Next washrag has been cast on. I’m thinking of casting off all but the last few stitches so I can easily convert them to bibs if I need. I’m getting nice compliments on the sweater and will start another one when I find the pattern .. ;) ]

3) I try really hard not to disrupt my sleep pattern. Before we were married E would go to bed at 11 like clockwork. I’d try to get there by 2a.. we’d both wake at 5:30 (in separate apartments)… These days we get to bed by 11:30 or 11:45 with the goal of lights out at midnight. We should still aim for 11 but we are quite busy and often aren’t home until 7:30 or after 10:30.

4) I try to do at least some moderate exercise every day. At the very least an extra mile (since to/from subway is in total 1.8km) . Today I goofed on the subway so I ended up walking (including subway) 3.4km.

5) Try to learn something new or do some sort of brain exercise, even if it’s an easy sudoku.

6) Work slowly on picking up the flat. E knows I’m bad at this and this week is one of transition. He’s patient. I hope when I get home tomorrow (yes I’m going in, we have 3 interviews scheduled!!) I’ll clean off the couch and the table.

7) Take a bath at least once a week. (Once this is posted I know where I’m heading).

8) Make sure to spend at least five minutes with E and enjoying the time together.. even if it’s an unexpected reunion on the train home.

9) Try to eat 3 proper meals and drink lots of water or other non-caffeinated drinks. Today was difficult but it’s over and I survived.

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