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Today at work we surprised a coworker with a baby shower. It was a girls only event (though one boy kept showing up because we were just that loud) and the baby now has a wonderful assortment of cute (ducky!!) outfits and two beautiful handmade gifts, a coworker crocheted a ripple waves blanket and matching pillow. It’s beyond gorgeous. I’ll ask if it’s ok to share.

I provided this small and imperfect gift:


My first sweater! It is the MDK baby kimono, knit in Lion Kitchen cotton in sage. It is modeled by my MaryLou/Myriam (Mary Lou was named for my 1984 obsession with Mary Lou Retton. these days she wants to be called Myriam because I know many Miriams. but she wants the Y because I have a Y in my name. *SIGH*) my preemie cabbage patch kid. I have 8 ‘kids or so (mum? what IS the current count?). ;) E thinks she looks scary but I love her. I have a confession .. I apparently forgot how to sew! I’ve been doing socks and other tubular things which need no sewing. I spammed my mom and a bunch of other knitterly friends whose email addresses I thought of and begged help Tuesday morning. Yvonne came to the rescue and reminded me of mattress stitch and I was good. She’s awesome. I’ll admit that one half of this is seamed with a backstitch which is kinda bulky and the other half was seamed with mattress. It is in desperate need of reblocking but I ran out of time. I’ve been hemming some clothes lately so I haven’t totally forgotten how to sew, just mostly.

I put all socks on hold and pulled out some more “scraps” of cotton and am 95% done with another washcloth which will also go to this expectant mother. I’ll double check with her tomorrow if she’d prefer a bib … I seem to be on an MDK kick, this is the “genius burp cloth”… i guess it’s really garter with a slip stitch stockinette rib?

The smile on our coworker’s face was beautiful. She was genuinely surprised which amazed ALL of us and her happiness was infectious.

Today I had an exam in my class. It was weird and actually HARD! and stressful. I’ve not taken an exam like that in years (there were blue books!) and I am pretty sure I did well, but am quite sure I didn’t totally ace it. Which is embarrassing, they might take away my undergrad degree!! In the course of my business I generally have context to either BS my way through going on the concepts, admit defeat, or go look it up as I attempt to construct the answer. I’m not really sure if the method it was taught was the best one out there, but I’m not the instructor (who is really nice).

Anyway, I’m off to sleep.

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