books: 2 (+1) outta 3 ain’t bad … and a pet peeve

I didn’t get to a stash book, but two NYPL books and a Uni library book are finished.

Mind Set! Reset Your Thinking and See the Future by John Naisbitt
I haven’t read his other book(s) [MegaTrends] but this is a man who thinks like I do! I really enjoyed this and laughed with glee a whole bunch. I love his description of the Sanderson Hotel in London. That probably won me over.. E agrees with it too.

Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman
This is cute, however, I have one complaint, THAT is not a penguin!! I am now determined to (one day) create a knit penguin (as opposed to amigurumi). I know there is one in Knitty too. We’ll see what I come up with. When and if I attempt it.

I finally finished The Czechs and the Lands of the Bohemian Crown by Hugh Lecaine Agnew.
Wow. If you want a very thorough introductory history (until about 2003) of this land I highly suggest this book. At points it was dry, at points I was upset it didn’t go further in depth; it is a survey text and some items interested me and I will one day explore this land and its people more.

Just a reminder that you can find a list of all (recent) books at my nowreading library page, found here

Ok. Pet peeve time. I live in an apartment building. I’m not totally thrilled with the fact, but economics keep E and I here at least a little longer. We are lucky in that we have laundry facilities in the basement. They recently changed our two “big” washers (and totally screwed them up, but that’s another rant). This changed the timing of the wash. I swear they are done faster than the smaller washers. I set my timer according to the small wash (26 min) and appeared in the laundry room as my smaller load finished spinning. I found my big load piled into a laundry basket and the kicker is the other one was EMPTY!! I asked the woman how long she waited, especially since the small washer next to it was going and most people run them together. I asked her if she could have waited two minutes after it finished to see if someone came down. There were plenty of open washers, she could have filled the other little ones while waiting for the big one. Was she in a rush? She said no. I told her quite frankly I found her rude and that if any of my items (especially some socks) were missing I would be looking for her as this wasn’t a laundromat and there were open machines she could use in the meantime. Oh and what made me actually talk to her? After unloading my small washer I asked her quite kindly if she could move so I could push my laundry cart past her to an open dryer. She gave me a hard time and that was the straw that broke … I’m pissed. It’s another silly little thing that is making me want to move TODAY. Sadly I know that is not possible. Should I have been there as the big washer stopped? YES. I admit that fully, but I always give people a chance to get downstairs. Perhaps they have a little one who needs a hug. Perhaps they take the elevator and it’s slow. Who knows. I guess the end of this is that I’m too nice. I really hope all of my laundry is there. I’m pretty sure all socks are accounted for. GRRR. I have to go see if E put his handknits in .. if they or one of them are missing she’s going to pay BIG time. Wow. I’ve not ranted publicly like this in ages. I feel much better! Thanks for listening. One day I’ll be organized to make a contest of sorts for my two regular readers. ;) [update: all handknit socks are accounted for. whew!]

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  1. Well, as long as the handknits are accounted for that is what matters!

  2. I’m breathing a sigh of relief for you that the handknit socks were all there. And I’m also in total sympathy with laundry rooms in the apartment building. And apartment buildings in general, really.

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