learning + changes: parshat t

Many thanks to lishhh who caught my use of מ instead of a ם at the end of shalom. I keep my fonts small and wasn’t paying attention. All previous posts should be properly spelled now!

There will be some changes to the publishing schedule. Due to some changes with a "client" I will be onsite for more hours the next couple of weeks. Advantages? More knitting time on the subway. Disadvantages? I’ve gotten used to freedom in my schedule. It should be interesting how it all plays out. New schedule being proposed puts knitting with spinning and all other creative bits on Sunday (Maybe E will help me take better photos.) and Wednesday will now be Random bits and things. The reasoning for this is that I most likely will need to wait some more to have time to devote to learning a new activity (such as spinning) and I will not be around on Tues or Weds to take photos without schlepping everything around, which I do not want to do.

I’m making very nice progress on Fetching. I forgot how quick thicker yarn knits up. I had also misread the pattern and thought I had to do 18 repeats of cables.. since it’s only 2-4 (i did 4) and then 4+1 ribbing it’s flying by (not that I’ve had that much time to work on them). I hope to finish one over lunch today (‘cept for thumb) and make good progress on the other.

oh wait, this should be a post on learning, not knitting. oops! sorry. ;)

I took out Nechama Leibowitz’s Studies on the Haggadah from the uni library this past week. I know, Purim is coming and I’m already learning for pesach? Well … my hope is to learn from it, make some notes and return it so if another student wants to take it out for pesach they would be able to (they have two copies but..). I also took one of four small Talmud volumes we have (out of many editions), not with the full intention of learning (Abodah Zarah) but to see if I can find the full set. It’s nice and small and has Hebrew in one half and a pretty decent English translation [based on what I translated it as] for the other half which retains a little of the formating. I think this is the edition I once saw a man learning from on the subway several years ago.

I don’t have much right now that is “new” for learning…
Radical Torah

שׁבּת שׁלום

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  1. Ah, knitting makes it into all aspects of our lives! I have great happy news though, I have (just about) finished the interminable scarf!!! I just had to tell someone and don’t have photos yet to post it on my blog.

  2. Shabbat Shalom! (ah, in, T-minus, 3 hours-ish). I have to admit that Purim was always my favourite holiday. Hamentashin… yummm.

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