tools: sleep & reuse

E was away Tuesday night for business and I barely slept as I was convinced I’d oversleep. Generally I kick him out of bed in the morning, he shaves, then he wakes me up if I don’t do so on my own (electric razors are semi-noisy but also great white noise!). I woke every 20-30 minutes to check if I had overslept. I ended up giving up and crawling out of bed at 5am. By the time class started at 6:10 last night I was pretty out of it. We slightly overslept (by about half an hour) this morning. I think my tool is to trust yourself and the three alarm clocks you set. I also want to ban snooze, but it does lead to the best sleep… ;)

Reuse. I can’t bare to throw something away if it can be reused. If we lived in a real house I know we’d have a compost pile. I know it’s possible to do them in apartments, but for many reasons, no not ours and not now. [There was a post in one of my rss feeds recently about this.. if I find the link I’ll update this post.] I have an old pair of E’s jeans I want to turn into draft catchers and/or slippers.

Sheri, owner of The Loopy Ewe, recently posted a contest asking [photopress:cigar_caseholder.jpg,thumb,alignright] “I thought it

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  1. Ooh! There was a knitting movement a couple of years ago for composting in apartments in NYC. Here it is: It’s all about composting using red worms in things like tupperware containers. I think I read about it in Knit Lit.

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