“travel” : coming home

A very special place exists in my heart for preemies as I am one. I weighed 1lb 14½oz when I was born many weeks early, and immediately dropped quite a few ounces. They let me leave the hospital after 98 days (on E’s bday) and when my weight finally tipped the scales at 4lbs 8oz (I will be proud and say, I came home and left all monitors in the hospital). My mom didn’t hold me until two and a half weeks after I was born, my father had to wait until I was much “bigger”. I claim this as to why I have a strong independence streak. Parental love and support did a lot, but I was the only one who could decide to breathe and grow.

Why the mushiness?

This story, of Amillia is inspiring and amazing. She’s a fighter! :)