spin: still struggling

have you ever tried to take pictures of yourself using a spindle? I do not recommend it.

Anyway … I’m still struggling with drafting, but my biggest issue is my fear of ruining all this beautiful roving I have.

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My goal with spinning was eventually to have a bit of luxury. I love the beautiful yarn in the trendy yarn shops whether hand spun, hand dyed, or commercially produced. But it is expensive when sadly I can purchase a cotton cardigan at a chain for $15. I like thinner yarns (sport and lighter), but with the recent cold spell see a need for some bulky weights. My desire is to spin beautiful two ply lace-weights and make the gorgeous shawls miriam and others design.

I recognize it will take time to get there. But how do I live with the crud I’ve been “spinning” in the meantime?

In any case, my biggest issue is with drafting. I just can’t get it. I think if I spun at a wheel I’d be able to use two hands. I think. I dunno… I was trying again today for about an hour and just couldn’t visualize it no matter how many videos I watch. I should probably see if there are more on YouTube. I know, an hour a week will not a spinner make, but it’s been difficult finding time. Especially with lots of languishing knitting projects (and growing babies).

Here is a photo of how my hand ends up attempting to draft (remember it’s really hard to take photos of yourself using a spindle!) I draft with my left hand. I’m not sure if that is normal or not for a rightie. I’m not a normal rightie, but I’m not a leftie or ambidextrous either. *sigh* There are some things I prefer to do with my left hand, such as finger spell or testing pens. I prefer a relay baton in my right.
[photopress:18feb_draft.jpg,thumb,pp_image] (please ignore my horrendous winter hands and self-manicure). I just can’t figure out how to get the roving to do otherwise. It has been separated into about pencil size. The final product looks as such:
[photopress:18feb_spindle.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Ooh … I do want to pair it with a gorgeous chocolate brown. Me! The girl who doesn’t like yellow, but this is more a maize or golden hearty color than bright primary. ;)

Anyway … I’ll keep playing, in between work and sleep and trying to figure out if we have place to store a wheel (if I can afford it). It’s unknown if we’re returning to MDSWF this year … I hope so. I haven’t seen enough of E to ask him. He’s currently at some trade show with his father.

For the two readers who made it this far I leave you with two pictures of nibbler. She focuses just on food (and won’t eat from a pile (or the food storage container) unless you hand feed her). We’ve resorted to using this to get her to perform some minor exercises. We don’t want a fat unhealthy hamster!
[photopress:18feb_nibifoodfocus.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:18feb_stretchnibi.jpg,thumb,pp_image]