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I made Giada De Laurentiis’ Winter Minestrone Soup for Shabbat. It was quite good even though I didn’t have a Parmesan rind to throw in. What? The recipe calls for beef stock!! What would I be doing throwing cheese in? Well, I guess because of how I was brought up, using a parve soup stock and adding cheese doesn’t phase me. I did sprinkle mine with Parmesan and left the option up to E (as he was brought up differently).. You can’t really tell at the end what stock was used. I liked the rosemary, it is a spice I don’t use often and should explore more.

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  1. Minestrone with beef stock? That’s just weird anyway ;D

  2. What’s wrong with parve stock and cheese? When I have to make the choice between dairy and meat in the same dish or meal, it’s almost always the meat that goes.

  3. That soup looks amazing, minus the beef stock and Parmasean rind for my vegan crowd, of course. I’ve found that adding soy sauce to the broth brings the flavor closer to beef stock.

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