learning: parshat mishpatim .. and more

also to be discussed (briefly): a quick recap on last friday’s “event”, parshat shekalim, rosh chodesh adar, magyar, and hair …

Last week when I wrote Ein Rega Dal i wasn’t thinking of the shabbos factor, Lishhh, I hope I didn’t offend you. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean my reply comment to sting. I really didn’t think of Shabbos at all! It wasn’t until the more comments and thoughts came in (both publicly and privately) that I thought about the connection. I strongly believe I would have had the exact same reaction on a Tuesday. The super was away and the maintenance guys leave around 4:30. Yes, shabbos did influence things a little (such as my just drying the towels instead of washing them that instant) but I didn’t even really think about how much that altered my reaction to the scenario. Both E and I have been working hard and with long hours (we do see some reward for it, but we’re having a very busy couple of weeks) and I was really frustrated that I finally had a few seconds to make the flat look nicer and it is a bit of our reward and everything backfired. For me shabbos is highly scheduled and automatic (more on that in a bit). This week I’m avoiding the bathroom as it’s been cleaned thoroughly this year and starting to make progress on the kitchen. I’m going to stay away from anything that could possibly leak or explode, I think I’ll take the garbage out and call it a day. ;) (Our gas stove has been acting up. E doesn’t want to replace things piecemeal. I’m for replacing it and the dishwasher ASAP and then worrying about the rest later. I also want a cork floor. He’s said no.) And yes. I agree that the toilet was improperly installed with shoddy parts but I wasn’t living here then to offer my opinion. I must also say that I have an awesome screwdriver from my mum for installing a toilet. Also, I can’t spell toilet. Thank goodness for spell check!

Ok, now to parsha stuff. It’s parshat mishpatim .. and parshat shekalim .. What does that mean? Well, a quick summary of the parsha may be found here.
Here are a few more d’var torah links (I need to diversify.. does anyone have any favorite sites?):

Here are two links about parshat shekalim:

BTW If you are curious about what Shabbat is and isn’t .. check out Aish.com or chabad these two groups work on outreach (known as kiruv) so they’ve put a ton of thought and effort into explaining things much better than I ever could. I think chabad’s “wizards” are quite easy and cute. I like the layout of chabad’s site, Aish’s rubs me wrong for some strange reason. My personal opinion.

Some more advanced discussion can be found at jofa.org

Why have I started writing here about learning and especially about shabbat? I’ve found myself starting to be super pressured about my work and found my thoughts leaked into Shabbat. I’ve taken less and less time to daven (pray) and to learn. I hope by taking some time each week to post here I’ll be able to better continue to hold Shabbat dear to me and grow with my overall learning. It’s ambitious. It’s difficult. It can be frustrating when the 25 hours of shabbat are the first time I could think of picking up knitting or have a nice fun book available. I will read the fun book but I try to do some more learning as well.

Ok, what’s next?

Rosh Chodesh Adar is Sunday (how this year is flying by!). Why is Rosh Chodesh significant? More links:

This also means Spring and Purim is coming. ACK! But wait! it also means that there are a few days left for the Soy Seforim sale at YU (ok ok, it ends Sunday). Note: I’ve never actually made it to the sale, but I’ve heard good things about it in the past. One day I hope to expand our library, right now book purchases are on hold until after we move. We had to buy more shelving this past weekend. Eeep!

Ok, onward to other topics.

There is a new book out in the US (which I think I’ve purchased, but am not positive as alas I am only married into a wonderful Hungarian family and not that smart) One Must Also Be Hungarian.

While I very much enjoy the nice semi-perfect hair that a shaitel gives me, I’ve started having massive problem with the concept, and this is something that has gnawed at the back of my head for a very long time (believe it or not) but I just shoved it to the back as there were other things I had to worry about. I found a shaitel an easy way out where I could perform a mitzvah and have the nice hair I’ve always dreamed of but been unable to have). I must note that this does not necessarily mean that I have difficulties with all of kisui rosh, but I am having questions I never had before. OU.org has an article: Flipped Over the Wig. I’ve noticed that I’d rather go out in a tichel (scarf) when I want to be obvious about my choice to cover and wear the shaitel when I wish to be semi-discrete about it. Aaah, the complexities of modern life. I must disclose I’m currently reading Sultana

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  1. Ooooh, Soy Seforim sounds fun.

    I don’t want to offend anyone, but… (maybe it’s because I was raised Reconstructionist) the Shabbos was always meant to be a relaxed (and hopefully joyful) day in our house. Knit if you want to, I’m sure Hashem understands the difference between knitting for profit and knitting for pleasure. Or, I guess you could make it educational by learning a new technique ;D Or, how about knitting whilst studying the parshah? (I’m so bad, I know I know, my Rabbi weeps). It’s still not cooking or cleaning, right? ^_^

  2. Thanks, Penny. It’s ok, though. I was a bit taken aback, because it seemed obvious to me, but not offended. It’s good that an episode like that didn’t seem to overly stress your entry into shabbat — it would have for me.

    I like that essay on th OU site on wigs vs. other headcoverings a lot. It pretty much echoes my own thoughts on the matter.

    Chodesh tov!

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