travel: Národní technické muzeum v Praze

The summer of 2001 found E and I in Europe for two months “backpacking”. My MIL is awesome and through her connections (never forget your friends from kindergarten) we had nice apartments to stay in for most of the cities we visited (I won’t list them so you won’t hate me). We spent a long weekend in Prague after riding the train overnight up from Budapest.

We spent a delightful afternoon at the National Technical Museum in Prague. This was awesome! There were planes (for E) and trains (for me). The museum is nicely laid out and if I recall correctly there was a nice amount of English. Transportation is a huge portion of the museum, with much of it available to awe you as you walk around and explore the other items in their collections.

Here is the lone photo E uploaded ages ago. He and I really need to work on our site, just as I need to work on my business site. Does anyone want to help me write my bio? I feel quite weird doing so. I’ll barter with you in something.

Overall I was miserable most of that weekend as I battled a sinus attack royale (I spent all of my small budget on tissues and handkerchiefs). I was also pretty sad because of my decades long inability to say more than a handful of Czech: dobreý den (good day/hello), prosím (please), děkuji (Thank you), and especially promiňte (Excuse me. I’m sorry. Forgive me.). And that can’t even be produced on the spot, I freeze and get all nervous. I also won’t get started on my (lack of) Hungarian (thankfully E can totally cover me there). *sigh*