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I didn’t finish very much this past week…

Noise by Bart Kosko
I really need to write down where I heard of a book when I place a hold for it at the library. This was quite a fascinating read and I learned (in theory, I promptly forgot most of it) a ton about noise and signals and all that stuff I never bothered to study before. It’s a well written book that doesn’t scare you with the maths, sciences, ee, and whatever else was inside. I found the quotes at the start of each chapter the most fascinating.

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  1. There’s this bakery here that somehow manages to make the most amazing vegan chocolate creme pie using tofu. They’re the ones who converted me to trying (ha! eating) the stuff (my Mum used to make the creepy squishy mush, too ;D). So, I might just check that book, thanks for the review!

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