knit : slow progress

No pictures. I need to remember to borrow E’s bluetooth adapter and then I can use my ibook and transfer pics off my phone. I’ve not been home and conscious long enough to do much more than get from the door to the bed. I think I’m wearing clean clothing.. I do recall showering this morning and my clothing didn’t freeze on my way to work, so it must be clean.

First, you’ve probably already seen The Walker Treasury Project? This is pretty coool! Now I really need to get my hands on the books! I have some other stitch dictionaries with color photos, but Royal Quilting (book 1, p 72) is making me drool. Not sure what I’d use it for beyond a beautiful fancy cushion but …

If I haven’t been at work or class I’ve been asleep. I’m finally feeling a bit better as long as I don’t talk at length. Thus I’ve been slowly getting through E’s sock. A row here, a row there. I have about 4″ left. I’m happy he only has size 8 feet. I think he had a nice birthday. We barely saw each other.. I do wish I could’ve given him the socks. I gave him a yucky present and feel bad about it. Not that the socks would’ve been much better but why do I have such a difficult time coming up with presents for those I love? Those who are mostly strangers I can come up with awesome gifts for. Immediate family? Impossible.

The baby sweaters haven’t been touched. Soon soon I hope. Hopefully before the babies will outgrow them!

I hope to cast on swallowtail this weekend. I’m excited to see how the second one goes.

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  1. Gifts for guys are hard. Speaking of socks for spouses though, I still haven’t gotten the skull socks done for my husband that I started for his last birthday…his next one is in April. I don’t think that I am going to get them done.

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