spin: no. sneeze? yes. (some knitting snuck in)

I slept quite well last night thanks to some meds. We went out to see mum & A today .. for the first time in too long. I had avoided going because I knew things would be weird without Cosette and I’m just trying hard not to think about it, but think back to last summer when it was warm and E was in London (waah) and I had a wonderful three days with mum, A, and my kitten.

No attempts at spinning today or this past week. I’m coughing again and just don’t have the energy.

While visiting, I showed mum a picture of the lace I was planning and showed her some other options. She lit up when she saw SwallowTail! I will be ripping back the one repeat I had finished for Miss Lambert’s shetland shawl and working on SwallowTail instead. I feel much better.. I think the pattern fits her quite well. Then it will be Icarus time for me! (finally)! And if I finish her SwallowTail and the baby knitting and the three pairs of socks I’ve set up and all the other stuff, I know the next thing I’m knitting for mum! ;) I showed her the yarn online and she hinted to another colour she liked. mhwah hah hah!

I’m on the foot of E’s socks. The worst part of today was that the sun was in my eyes both out to mum and back home to Brooklyn. Very little knitting was accomplished despite the 175 miles E drove. I still think I can finish in time for his bday on Tuesday. On that note I should finish some real work…