food: comfort

Shavua tov may this week be better…

i have a post in draft titled “ever have one of those…”
yeah. it’s been like that lately.

On to the food: all i wanted friday as I started to cook shabbos dinner (which came out wonderfully) was some comfort food (or any warm food, really). It had been one of those days and I hadn’t had a proper breakfast or lunch. Enter 2 slices of bread, some butter, and some of that wonderful incredibly processed ‘american’ cheese and my frying pan. If only I had had the ability to perfect it, with some tomato soup.

Since Friday morning I’ve been coughing, that horrid deep coughing that catches. If you’ve ever heard me cough, you know what I mean. I think I’m going to go for some of my other favourite comfort food and make some vege soup. Or at least some broth. Then teach E how to make it. ;)

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  1. This week has been a bad food week too. I actually managed to burn french toast and then burn dinner all in one day. Maybe it is something in the air or the fact that it is a full moon…something =)

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