spin: spinning wheels

I’ve had no time to spin this week, barely enough time to knit. It’s my own fault not planning things and getting sucked into my rss feeds.

For no good reason, I am thinking more and more about a small wheel (ok, perhaps I will blame Yvonne for such prettiness! She will be the wonderful reason I fall off the use up my stash wagon!).

I’m really eyeing the Babes Fiber Starter – Double Treadle or Pinkie Wheel. Suggestions? I am not sure if we’ll get to MDSWF this year. It is a large monetary and space investment which I’m not sure we can do right now. Hmm… Thoughts? I’ll rent a wheel from someone. Oh crud, shipping. Hmm…

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  1. what about a local spinning guild? I bet there’s a member or two who’d lend you one of their extra wheels… maybe this’ll help -> http://www.textilelinks.com/guild/ny.html ?

  2. I know I am very good at tempting people, that’s why I work in a yarn shop!!! I am going to start dyeing again very soon, so if you want anything from here on out I am taking orders. You know, just doing my job as an A #1 temptor =)

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