warning upgrade in progress

(update at 9:15pm) YAY! Success! All old posts and comments have been imported. I need to clean up some categories, some CSS, and complete a few other housekeeping things, but all public posts since December 2003 are now imported. I wonder how I’ll embarass myself now.

There are currently 764 posts and 274 comments, contained within 50 categories. Woo hoo!

(some of those posts were automatic from my del.icio.us feed, but i’m leaving them as I think there were some comments on them.)

(update at 8:50pm) A redownload and reupgrade fixed the export problem so let’s see how long it takes to import. There may be some duplicate posts… I’m not sure at all how it will work out. First up is upgrading this site to 2.1. Then import.

(update at 8:30pm) I’m still working on this. I’m having issues with the export feature on the old site so I’m holding off on upgrading here.

Within the next hour I hope to upgrade to wordpress 2.1 and import the remaining of my content from the old site. I upgraded on the old one with little problem (except for the export of the content) and hope for a seamless upgrade and import here. I have no idea what it will do to the RSS feed, so please be patient and understanding. I’ll update this post when I have completed. Hopefully with success. :)