spin: drafting

i know my drafting needs lots of work. i’ve been scouring the web all week reading up and practicing when i have a few spare seconds and watching any videos i can find. i wish i had something exciting to say or an insight to share. i just know that i need a good deal more practice. in the mean time, i’ll curl up in my electric blanket and try to keep warm. i should really get cracking on all those socks i said i’d knit. my feet are cold!

Some resources for drafting and random spinning sites that I’ve started to collect are:

I know I’m missing tons of links.. deal or speak up!
I know when I get a better hang of drafting it’ll go better. I stopped yo-yoing the spindle, so that’s a positive step. I just need to practice, maybe 5 minutes a day and I think I’ll be better off. Oh wait, I said that about exercising more. *sigh* I still have this fantasy that I’ll just get it all when I sit down at a wheel but as my fibre and fabric (yes, I haven’t told you about that have I?) stash have overtaken all my parts of the flat I guess I should wait. I’m still up for anyone in NYC offering me a sit at a wheel or some spindle lessons. Name your barter. We’ll work something out.

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  1. On a positive note, once you get your spinning down, you can spin and walk at the same time ^_^

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