food: chick peas

While finally reading some of my rss feeds last Sunday, I came across this recipe on slashfood. As we had gotten our meal schedule off, it was 9p and this sounded like a nice easy meal. I read through the recipe twice and went to the kitchen and proceeded to almost screw up. We don’t have pappardelle in our nest, so I substituted some bow-tie egg noodles I’m trying to use up these things as well, I shouldn’t be eating them and Pesach is coming as I’m already being reminded. (I don’t go crazy, but I’d like to have an easier time this year than last.) Anyway, I dumped all the noodles in with the chickpeas and boiling broth and immediately wondered what I was to do with the olive oil. Oops! Some colander action rescued about ½ of them and I dumped them in some plain water for frying later. It went quite well from there on in and received an “it’s good” from E. I have a feeling I’ll be making this again, but I think I’ve actually used up my collection of chickpeas. Yay! [sorry, I was too hungry to take photos.]