tools: google, wordpress, rss/email inboxes, and pens

Today’s post will be a compilation of several random tools — some web based (such as wordpress and google), some not (pens), how i’m dealing with email and rss feeds, and a small kvetch on the weather at the end.

Because I lost a good half hour to it this morning, Google Image Labeler is strangely addictive.

I didn’t know about most of these keyboard shortcuts. Thanks!

One of my goals for today is to finally get my inboxes down to 0 and all emails that I can quickly process dealt with and the others ‘next actioned’ (if I want to talk GTD). I’ve cleaned out 3/6 and will shortly embark on the personal inbox which has messages from two years ago. If I owe you an email I’ll try to consolidate into just one message. I only have 500 some messages to process. And that doesn’t count my gmail account(s).

Another goal is to get my RSS feeds to a reasonable, processable amount. I’ve been unsubscribing left and right. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it is just too much. I really don’t need to be subscribed to all of the feeds I am, no matter how interesting they are. To that end I’m attempting to format my posts so that the first few words give a good indication of the rest of the post.

I seem to have fallen in love with this fountain pen. Does anyone know if a shop in NYC sells it since it’s a non-US design (why do I only like the pens that are not produced in the US)? I’d like to hold it first, though it does appear to be quite an affordable fountain pen. I also love these pens or these (.25mm) or these(.3mm) or even a uni laknock .5 for all other things. While I’m at it, my favorite pencil is a Pentel Graphlet 0.3mm (PG503). Why do I like such small pointed pens and pencils? I don’t know. I find I write neater with them.

This weather has me very unhappy. I always have cold hands and feet. I’m wearing two pairs of socks and am about to put a third pair (the other pair of hand knit) on. Since I’m working from home today I’m wearing my wool clogs but I worry that I’ll have to pull out my snow boots just for the warmth — or move my office back to bed and curl up with the electric blanket. I am super-affected this year because of the pretty drastic fluctuations in temperature. I like gradual decreases and increases.

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  1. The Birdie Fountain Pen is great, and it doesn’t feel as tiny and thin as you’d expect. If you’re ok with the thin-ish gel pens (like the Hi-Tec-C you mentioned), I’d be surprised if you don’t get on with it. Great value, too, especially since they come with a converter (well, they do in the UK, I’d guess they do over there too). Cult Pens will ship to the US (I work there), though I’m sure there will be suppliers in the US. NYC have a few good fountain pen shops, I’ve heard – only difficult part would be *only* buying a Birdie ;)

    Online, Jet Pens may well do them, or just do a Google Product search. Or order them from us in the UK ;)

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