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This is the first in a short series of weekly posts highlighting parts of our December 2006 trip to NV and CA.

Barstow, CA has a Rail Road Museum. [photopress:tracks_barstow.jpg,thumb,alignright]On our way to the tourist info we thought we’d stop by only to discover it opened at 11 and it was just past 9. But.. there were lots of tracks. And the trains were just waking up and were dealing with a very cold morning (ice!!). And it was just the start of a day of trains… Traveling down Historic 66, we found an awesome spot to pull over and take some photos. This was WONDERFUL. I could just sit by the side of the road and wait for trains to go by? At a pace which I could photograph? Wow. I wish I was a better photographer. When we were making some wrong turns on our way to the next stop, I was thrilled to see even more trains in the mirror! Oh it was a wonderful day. :)

For E to have some fun we stopped in El Mirage, California at the Aviation Warehouse. It is my understanding that this is where Hollywood goes to get those burning cockpits and the interior shots. It was a bit weird seeing TWA or PanAm painted on the side of a plane. We were told no pictures, so I sat in the car and knit, but I couldn’t resist this shot:
I think that covers just about every mode of mechanical transportation, no?

And since E hadn’t written down the exact location of the boneyard, we drove around the area for a short bit. And I saw…
We had a beautiful drive down into LA and then a miserable time finding a hotel (ending up in Manhattan Beach). More next week…

And I just need to say, I know that life is unfair, but This is pure torture.

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