site-admin: css editing — completed for tonight

[further edit- clarified clipmarks item a little] I’ve finished playing with the CSS for the evening. I added a few more plugins and hopefully cleaned up a few things. There are still many things bothering me about my sites (not to mention I still have yet to migrate a large portion of the database in. But that requires more thought cycles than I wish to devote at the moment.

What was done?

1) I installed the excerpt reloaded which will auto truncate front-page posts at 180 words.
2) On the sidebar, I installed Eric‘s new clipmarks plugin which I offered to help him test. What is clipmarks? Find out more here. I hadn’t really been using clipmarks that much, despite hearing about it for eons. Maybe this will give me a push. (btw on that site, I am found here). Any ugliness in the CSS is my doing. Eric has great design sense. I don’t.
3) I cleaned up some of the CSS in the posts and on the side bar. This has a long way to go but it should be a little more readable. Please let me know any issues you may have. I also pretty much have only tested in firefox at this point. I’ll fire up safari later in the evening and then find some IE to test in.

What still needs to be done?

1) Importing of the rest of my old site (which I’m no longer linking to because I just want it *gone*).
2) Adding “share this” links to posts.
3) Testing for web standards and accessibility.
4) Write coherent and proper posts. ;)
5) many many more things.

I also feel I need to say that I feel most yarn/spin/fibre shops charge quite fairly for their classes. I just don’t have the ability to justify it after paying my grad school tuition. I wish the distance between the mid-and-west coasts were shorter so that the wonderful advice I’ve been given could include a thank you in person.

I’ll be playing with the format of the site for the next few hours (until probably 10pm EST). Expect things to be weird.

Thank you!