maybe i should change my name

First off, disclosure, I am a Computer Scientist. That means I can’t count.

Secondly, I feel like Penelope ((it is not and has never been my name.)). I have many projects which need to be ripped back due to tension issues, or my inability to count, or even just poor knitting beyond the tension.

The Beret? I finished it last week and realized I had screwed up and had an extra slice in the pizza… in other words, I hadn’t properly decreased. I recast (with circs the whole way) and it looks loads better this time around. I just started the first decrease section and with luck I’ll have a hat by Monday. Which is good because I wanted the second done by Tuesday. Like that will happen.

Here are the old pictures at this point, it looks similar:

The other knitting? Hah hah hah. When I’ve not been at the office this week I’ve been asleep (it’s been a long time since I’ve had to go into an office and be a normal person, I’m spoiled greatly by working at home). Which isn’t doing well for my washrag and baby-knitting goals. Thankfully these kidlets aren’t taking lessons from me and they’re staying inside where it’s nice and warm and hopefully will give me a chance to produce something before they are 12. I’m tempted to get out some fabric paint and freezer paper though…

I apparently missed NYC’s snow today. I saw the big ominous grey cloud … and turned back to what I was doing, not expecting at all snow. Especially because the partners and I were discussing how it looked like rain.. and then we started talking about global warming (i can multi-task ok?) …

Now to finish some more work and hopefully get a row or two of knitting in before I crash. That would be nice.

Tomorrow? I’m not sure what I’ll discuss tomorrow. Probably something to do with sleep…

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  1. Penelope IS a cool name ;) It be okay, everyone has to rip. A lot. One of Fate’s cruelties, I think.

  2. We have snow! More to the point though we have cold cold weather that is keeping the snow around. I think it is currently like 28 degrees out.

  3. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished, those color changes look great! I’m not much of a hat person (deathly fear of hat hair), but this might just be the pattern that changes my mind.

    PS-Those penguin pictures are so cute! I love the glasses.

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