travel: jet blue & car rental & gps

As I’ve only just fired up the laptop 10 minutes ago to start looking at the photos I’ll do a non-photo review of our flights and the car. Quite boring. Tomorrow I’ll try to talk some about knitting.

Ok. Jet Blue. I thought it rocked, E will beg to differ.

I think E’s been spoiled by flying business to London and Tokyo several times in the past five years.

I tend to be pretty loyal to a carrier. I flew TWA tons between my first flight at age 18 (to see my cousins and great aunt) and then have flown American bunches since. I have also had experience with other carriers and flew ryan air when we had our post-college Europe trip in ’01.

Our gate was in the new terminal Jet Blue is building at JFK. It was nice and clean. The flight was boarded orderly and the bathrooms remained quite clean the entire time out to LAS. The flight attendants were pleasant and helpful. The DirecTV rocked. I caught Knitty Gritty on HGTV and that was pretty cool. I also watched a ton of Boomerang which was quite nostalgic as Hanna Barbara had passed away the night before. I was a little worried about our bags being on the flight as the roadside bag check in (since we had printed our own boarding passes) hinted strongly that he wanted a tip and E refused. They made it.

I thought that the seats were comfortable and were spacious. This definitely needs to be taken with a grain of salt as I’m 5’1″ and 100 lbs give or take. E thought it was cramped. He’s not that much taller than I am.

Ok car rental. These are always annoying and for the second time in a row (with a different company) they “lost” our reservation but for free upgraded us (eyeroll). We had a 2007 Chrysler Seabring that didn’t even have plates yet. We both found this car a boat and highly uncomfortable. We generally drive a nice little Mazda 3. I must say that the gas mileage was pretty good…

Lastly, GPS units can be fun. We had E’s HP iPAQ 6945. While we didn’t really go far off the beaten track it was quite nice to be able (due to what E downloaded) to find potential hotels and easily calculate distances and find best routes (especially in LA). I’ll try to write up a fuller review of GPS one of these days.

Really horrible post, but it’s out and now I hope I can move on to other things. Like processing my images.