book drops, no idle hands and some pretty pictures

I am cursed. Anytime I drop a library book (or three) in the book drop during sanctioned hours it does not get properly checked in. This has happened at BPL, NYPL (MML & Donnell), and now at my alma mater (where I still have borrowing priv’s since I’m a grad student across the street). I went uptown today to try to straighten it out, but of course they were doing maintenance on the patron system so my record couldn’t be checked. *sigh*

I finished No Idle Hands over shabbos and let me tell you this is not a shabbos read because your hands will be itching for needles. I have a long list of quotes I wrote down which I enjoyed and I’ll share with you at another time.

I also read (finally) the paper-version of one of my favorite online “comics” (it’s really awesome manga). Megatokyo Vol 3 by Fred Gallagher. Oh this rocks. I’ve been reading it for eons and when Colesium had their closing clearance I scraped together some change and finally acquired volume 3 (volume 5 should come out soon…). It was awesome as always.

Anyway, I’ll be at the firm again much this week which has thrown my schedule a bit (not to mention classes start again next week). I’ll try to have a more consistent posting schedule and perhaps on Thursday share what few tricks I found to not completely melt down by the shift in to-do items.

As for that smell this morning. YUCK!!! It wasn’t fun, even on the 42nd floor.