yes . no (tools)

I’ll do the no first.

Do not drink a “large” cup of coffee on an empty stomach if you have not had coffee in about three weeks. It will kill your tension headache, but the long term effects can be amusing. [For the record, I went to J2 for lunch and had 2 slices of pizza and a can of Coke. I’m still quite hyper but it’s not like it was earlier.]

Now for the yes.

Trust your gut instinct. Gladwell has a book (Blink) on this as well (which I read eons ago and I think E bought when he was last in London). I did a few things today which caused me to trust my gut and I think the results were marvelous.

Surprise bonuses:

Omni products ROCK. Just saying. (Especially Omni Plan, it kicks butt!)

The posting is a bit abbreviated this week as my schedule has shifted about to accommodate some unexpected additional hours at the Firm to solve a minor project derailment. Things are progressing well; something I had planned to take two of us over 8 hours to complete, was completed in just under THREE hours today by ME. I just hope that what I had estimated to take 4 hours does. But the quick completion was awesome. I’d like to thank gmail for being awesome and converting some .NAB ((They are just CSV files but many apps don’t like to import ’em no matter how i name them. At least they hadn’t for me in the past. Plus gmail contacts have awesome searching so I could clean up some things at the same time.)) files for me. :)