my kitten,

my love, I’ll miss you.


May 1993 – 2 January 2007

My Cosette came to me at my time of need. She was the smallest kitten at the shelter with a long tail which wrapped around her body. She kept me company that first difficult year of high school when mum was out at night on dates (not every night). She purred and knew when I needed snuggling. It was hard to leave her the next year as my housing to continue at school became “interesting”. I missed her when I went off to college. She brought comfort to mum and Al and I thank them for the love they gave her all these years. I definitely look back with happiness and joy at the three days I spent with her this past summer. She curled up with me at night and played a little with my knitting. E had suggested going out to visit both on the 26th and either this past Sunday and Monday. I’m sad that we didn’t, but her memories will always be close to my heart. She curled up last night near mum’s chair and was found by Al this morning looking peaceful.

My Kitten … play well.

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  1. Oh, that is so sad. Blair is a kitty person too. He still misses his kitties sometimes.

  2. Ohh, so sad it is. I cried so hard when Cricket died, I don’t know how anyone can handle the death of a cat :(

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