weekly learning and some giving

Learning (of Jewish Texts) does not need to take hours each day. Even (in my opinion) 60 seconds is better than none. Each week one should review the parshah. One can delve into other study and if you don’t want to figure out how to break it out a schedule (for 5767) can be found here. (I’ve written about it before).

Some parshah sites I enjoy are: (I don’t read *all* of these every week. Sometimes it’s enough just to read the text).

Note: I do not always agree fully with hashkafah of these sites, but I puposely attempt to be aware of a wide range of viewpoints.

(penny climbs up on her soapbox)
Lastly, I know this is yahoo based and not google based but if you want to support an organization which gave me many wonderful opportunities when I was younger, please use goodsearch and select "Children’s Orchestra Society". Or another charity of your choice. COS was a large part of my high school years and gave me numerous opportunities and experiences (and confidence [despite a horrible instrument]) I never would have had otherwise. Stephanie’s recent challenge and the response is amazing. I did have a small problem with Médecins Sans Frontières in that they kept calling us from California to donate more. I thought that their administration and fundraising expenses must be through the roof. After some research this morning (here) I’m going to shut up and get out the check book. I heard a story on BBC this morning about fighting malaria. When I went to Nicaragua I had to take meds to prevent it (I went in January, there aren’t mosquitoes then, thankfully, or at least not where I was in Managua). It wasn’t fun. But it was necessary. I had the ability and knowledge to take this, sadly like HIV/AIDS many don’t even KNOW what causes it. Why isn’t this epidemic which supposedly kills one child every 30 seconds getting more attention? The interviewee on BBC supposed that because HIV/AIDS has affected the West as well and malaria is only in tropical regions… Come on people. Let’s make a difference!

Shabbat Shalom and if I don’t get a chance, Happy New Year! (and Happy Birthday to Dave)