wednesday is craft day

and also work at the office day. Sorry about the no-post yesterday. We were exhausted I should know by now that LAS to JFK is not a good red eye. More about it all tomorrow I hope!

KathyMarie thinks that I’m smart and I write well. I believe this post will definitely change her mind. ;) [she can also ask my husband aka my editor, I think he would beg to differ!]

Sign up for Yarn Life Mag’s 2007 Crafting Challenge! Here are my goals for 2007:
Type A: Knit for me icarus
Type B: Knock off one washcloth & one baby bib every two weeks (or one each week). Many babies being born!!
Type C: keep better track of the stash I have; plan out deadlines better with my work-work-no life schedule; record sample of yarn with ball band so I know which sock yarn is washable when half asleep and doing laundry [i gambled yesterday and it was ok!! whew]

The Purl Bee alerted me to an online exhibit of EZ’s work which can be seen here.

Have you seen this yummy pattern? I think that [photopress:koigu27dec06.jpg,thumb,alignright]perhaps at least one of these will be utilized. Perhaps two? Who knows. Some of this yarn may or may not be for gifts. :) [it’s good that my favorite colours are other peoples as well.] So where did this koigu come from? Most of it has been hiding in my stash … the third was picked up at purl today (we won’t talk about what happened when I met their “scrap books”, well, ok, they got organized and one followed me home. They’re $5 each and I plan to use the scraps to line some baby bibs in a patchwork type fashion with a thin washcloth inbetween as batting. Leave me alone, I’m “creative” not cheap.]. I love me my wool winder and swift I feel really special to be able to tell yarn shops, no you don’t need to wind it for me. :) Both Purl shops (and all shops I went into today) were quite busy, to the suprise of most of the shop keepers. We presume everyone took off from work (I had only 2 attorneys in the office today) and everyone else is in town for New Years. [oh, colours are 305 * 2 (lot 255) and 304 (lot 87) [which to me looks like browns.. we’ll see how it knits up]

Ok, E’s sock.. Woah, once I get past the ribbing (which I hate, which is partially why I’m grouchy [photopress:elisocks27dec06.jpg,thumb,alignleft]as I’m working on the ribbing for the berets) it goes pretty quick. I should say that I’ve evolved how I’m holding and carrying the yarn and that is making ribbing slightly less painful. My most painful part is still caston (I need to learn a few more methods) and the first row after cast on unless I do a knitted caston, which isn’t flexible enough for socks or hats or other ribbed things. The majority of this second sock was knit yesterday and today, the ribbing yesterday the seed stitch ribbing today. I have tons of errors in the first sock (I can’t count to four apparently), but the yarn is black, so who will notice? Plus E wears pants and dress shoes, so it’s not as if he’d be wearing a skirt and mary janes to show them off. Also, I still haven’t sewn up the toe. I really should get to that and confirm that the thing fits. Yes, it bothers me, but I’d rather get this and some gift knitting done so I can knit up what lavendersheep dyed for me ages ago. I also am loving me those Addi dpn’s. Though there is a pointed and blunt end to each needle.

What else? Hmm… I love Victorian Knitting Today and while I don’t quite understand the knitted border yet I have decided to make Miss Lambert’s Shetland Shawl instead of a second swallowtail for mum. Well, only if I can figure out how to do the caston. A full review of this book will be next Monday, hopefully. In one word? Wonderful!

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  1. Looks like you have been busy busy busy.

  2. oooh, another feed! and another good review for a book that’s singing a siren song… do you hear it??

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