the tipping point

If you haven’t yet read Malcom Gladwell‘s The Tipping Point go get it. I’ll wait for you. Ok, now read it. If you picked up Blink while you were there. Yay! Both are very interesting books. I just reread The Tipping Point for class, and wow. I got so much more out of it this time around. I last read it shortly after it came out. I was a naive and inexperienced recent college grad. I’ve gained a large amount of experience in the past five years. I’m starting to see my role and I see others and I’m looking to figure out how to leverage this knowledge to improve my organizations. I’m also looking into a better way to manage my fledgling network of contacts.

We’re now off for a week. We’re flying into Vegas and then hopping into a car and heading towards LA. I’m not sure if we’ll end up there or not so I haven’t told many people when we could be there, as I really don’t know. I have no content pre-posted. I have no idea how to entertain you …

Hmm… After finishing Gladwell’s books, my suggestion is to find something you’ve been wanting to read for eons and starting. Or, perhaps read with your children or spouse or cat.

Ok, time to switch the sock back to bamboo needles for travel and to figure out what other knitting I’m taking. I think a new BSJ in sockyarn (I’ve heard that this size fits newborns, or I know i could probably donate them for preemies. Ok, that’s done. I’ll go re-ball some yarn since i have such bad luck with it otherwise.)

Happy Holidays!

[oh crud, i still have to pack! what books to bring??? (who needs clean clothing? i need to pack the right selection of yarn and books!!)]

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  1. I’ve been meaning to read Gladwell – haven’t quite gotten there yet. Have a great trip!

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