Finished swallowtail shawl #1

Sorry for lack of artistic pics, I’m still tired and have a ton of work to do. There are some errors with both my knitting (not many but at bad spots which I didn’t notice until now) and my blocking (my first project that really should be blocked) and it’s off to the recipient. Here’s hoping that they aren’t too noticeable and that it’s received ok.


I seem only able to take non-blurry photos when my flash is on. See previous pics for proper color.

Yarn: Knit picks in Vineyard less than one skein
Needles: Knit Picks Options size 4 I only own this pair with the 24″ cable (not the set). I LOVE them. I didn’t try to do all the p5tog’s and ripped the attempt. But these were nice and pointy and made me happy.
Finished size: She blocked all crooked and stuff. I think at slightly smaller than suggested but I will block early in the morning and take over my bed next time.

Will I knit this again? yes. I think I will see if I have enough money or parts around the flat to make a swift first so I can ball up the next skein (in Jewels).

(added 20120913- ravelry project page)

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  1. I think the shawl looks awesome. I can’t wait to knit it myself. Though I am contemplating teaching a shawl class in the spring (April, May, or June), but with the Forest Canopy Shawl. I like the idea of teaching a first shawl that is easy and knit on 8s.

  2. Oh, wow! The shawl looks gorgeous!

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