progress with sticks, strings, and words

[pics will hopefully appear tomorrow]

Uberimma has a nice post of firsts. I have some “firsts” too, but hers are much more wonderful and smile-inducing than mine.

Draft one of final number one is complete. A very sleepy and exhausted E read through the draft and deemed it good and something that if his eyes never saw it again could be turned in. This is a massive first.

Other firsts about this paper are that I didn’t have a huge breakdown of stress getting it done. This is due largely to my improvements (albeit minor advances) in my time and project management skills. Oh and a very dirty stove which hadn’t seen any TLC since before thanksgiving now has two clean burner rings and the front half of the middle part has been scrubbed. I was boiling water for my excessive mugs of tea tonight (Wissotzky’s Strawberry Burst if you are curious) so the back was a bit hot and thus off limits for cleaning.

First heel flap (and turn) of E’s first sock is complete. Has anyone guesstimated percentages as to how far along in the overall progress of a sock we are at during this critical phase of picking up stitches and wondering if I’m doing it right and tracking down extra stitch markers. I need to remind y’all that these socks are BLACK. There are definitely errors here and there in this sock. It’s a simple seed stitch ribbing, but of course I screwed it up. And uhm.. I’m (for a first) not being an uber perfectionist. Why? I put away laundry last night and he has more socks than I know where to put. And this sock is BLACK!! If you don’t get it, just think back to your physics classes or read this.

Hmm.. speaking of socks, some more sock yarn followed me home the other day (did I post about this?) and a quick stop to The Yarn Connection during a break at the office today caused more yarn than planned to follow me home. Some of that yarn is for Fyberduck‘s gift. :)

I’ve been slowly updating my Inventory page. Goal for winter break is to make it nicer and neater. Tomorrow I’ll try to upload pics of my nifty new storage system for DMC Pearle Cotton. :)

What else, Icarus? Yes, You wonder its status?


Yah. I’m actually really eager to try out all the new skills I’m learning with SwallowTail and try again! Oh and those needles have something to do with it. :)

BSJ? Well, Chanukah is the holiday of miracles (I was once a miracle) so it might get done by Monday which is the last time I’ll see the baby’s dad until classes resume in January.

So, Swallowtail? I’m about to see how much I can knit before my eyes drop off too much. I really really wish I purled faster. It takes me almost twice as long to purl as to knit. I’m tempted to force myself to knit something entirely in purl to make the muscle memory better but …

Ok, off to knit a few rows and then go to sleep then wake up and knit and knit some more. I can do it! I can! I know I can!.

(disclaimer: I finished listening to my first audio book recording. I chose my favouritest book of all, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This was a LibriVox recording. It was marvelous. I haven’t reread the story recently (which is strange) so I heard things I don’t recall from before and I am itching to find it at a local library and reread it [which will only take a few short and pleasant hours at most])

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  1. Progress is good. I keep thinking I might just make it to Christmas too. Although about the time I think that I add more projects. Really, I am starting to think that if I just keep semi-panicking I might actually make it =).

  2. The teasing war hast begun ;D I can’t wait to see Icarus cast-on again!

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