11th hour reprieve

Swallowtail is now due to recipient motzei shabbos. Which leaves me all of Thursday after paper turned in and Friday until enough time to block. But I will need to figure out where I’m blocking it as the bedroom won’t work (as I don’t think I can move blocking lace on shabbos, if I purposely put it on the bed minutes before shabbos).

Current status of paper? Smells worse than Nibi’s cage if we forget to clean it for a few days. Worse than if that is true for a week. And the other paper? The meetings I have back to back tomorrow? HAH HAH HAH.

E’s in bed. I currently have two rows of the first lily of the valley chart left. Then I’ll be in bed. I think Swallowtail is do-able. The rest?

Well, I’d be better off if I knew how to PURL FASTER!!

Hopefully I’ll get a proper knitting post out Wednesday afternoon/evening. I have some project updates I’d like to discuss and see if my heel flap for E’s sock is completely batty or not. :)

[i have 2 nano cases (silocone) available. one is 2g one is 1g. please let me know if you want more details. the 1g case was 99¢ the 2g was $10.]

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  1. maybe you could steam it with an iron??

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