too good to be true

i totally foo’d swallowtail tonight.

1) screwed up nupps
2) my uhm.. lifeline (gasp) came loose. thankfully i basically un-knit but until i get another one threaded in, i’m nervous.

it’s my own fault. .. but as always i foo everything up and nothing comes out even near how it should.

[the papers? same deal.]

i want to curl up in a ball for the next few years… this *must* be done by wednesday night and it *must* be be prefect. **must** i cannot stress this enough. i guess i’ll not be sleeping very much this week. guess it’s good that E planned his vacation. i will probably be sleeping through it. grumble.

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  1. it be okay (I promise). take a break, eat some kosher chocolate, and scold it in an hour or two. lace is really responsive to stern lectures. (And, I think your family would probably rather see you happy and rested than nupps ;D)

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