i am a reading machine

my eyes are tired from all the reading this past week. i look forward to next week when my finals are all turned in and if i want to loose myself in some fantasy i won’t feel guilty.

Books I finished (we won’t talk about journal articles or conference proceedings)

Preserving Digital Information: A How To-Do-It Manual (How to Do It Manual for Librarians, No 93) (How to Do It Manuals for Librarians) by Gregory S. Hunter
Digital Preservation and Metadata: History, Theory, Practice by Susan S. Lazinger
The first is a quick how-to manual. Kinda “cute” (and sadly at this point out of date). Lazinger’s book gives much more depth and detail to concerns libraries have with preservation of digital documents.

A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen: Easy Seasonal Dishes for Family and Friends by Jack Bishop
I think I’ve read through all the recipes at this point. I really like this book as it gives nice non-tofu ideas. I still haven’t made the casserole I’ve been talking up yet but I probably will tonight. The two soups I made were delicious. Many of these can be adapted gluten-free as well, which is definitely a good thing for the girl-who-eats-wheat-and-shouldn’t..

Gadgets and Necessities: An Encyclopedia of Household Innovations by Pauline Webb
This was a “random checkout” from the Uni library. It was shelved near No Idle Hands and looked intriguing. I enjoyed reading through it and wished that there were more pictures. Again, it is slightly out of date but I had tons of fun reading through it. [Yes, I am the girl-who-reads-encyclopedias]

The Power of Maps by Denis Wood
I love maps but am clueless about them. I learned TONS of fascinating things. However right now I need a treasure map as I can’t find it and hope that I didn’t toss it in the wrong library’s return box today. I have a ton of stickies of passages that I found fascinating for one reason or another.

I’ve been making progress through others on my reading list.. Hopefully as papers are finalized and submitted I’ll be able to complete more books (and the lace). I skimmed through about 4 more book sources today at the library but do not feel right calling them “read”.

KnittyCity rocks. Just saying. ;) [though i do need to have a chat with them about web design & browser compatibility]