at long last

i can now say that i’ve knit all 14 repeats of the budding lace two chart. [photopress:swallowtail1_10dec.jpg,thumb,alignright]Now onward for the 12 rows of lily of the valley #1. Woot! several rows of plain knit; the plain purls are what have slowed me down (i think I was bored) so we’ll see if any p5tog will speed things up or not. I don’t see much progress since Wednesday, but I feel it as the rows take considerably longer to knit. well, here’s to hoping that I can make up time (hah hah hah) and hit my target deadlines for all my projects which are due this week. Sometime in the next month I’ll write up my tools for writing good papers. I’ll leave as a preview that it involves paper and ink. So my public estimates of deadlines are uhm.. err. uh… err.. well, they seem totally impossible. I think I’m going to go take a nice warm bath instead. I bet if I owned one of these bath time would be totally different. :) Ok, now to get back to all the things I have to do.